Cyclamen - watercolor 38x56 cm (Detail)

Hello, I'm very excited to share the news about my new website!

Here I will showcase my latest work and share information about my painting classes, 
and there is a new blog, as well.

All the activity on THIS blog will stop from now on, but will not be deleted, 
so you can still find my tutorials and see my older work.

The new blog is a work in progress, 
I plan to add some more tutorials, some reportage from painting and sketching tours 
in beautiful places in Chianti, in Tuscany and why not all over Italy.
I'd love to know what YOU would like to read about?

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Sketching in Firenze

This is a photo from two years ago, April 2017, when I really discovered  Urban Sketching
- and got hooked!

There was a Sketching Maratona in Florence and I met many persons that have become my friends.

Ferrara, May 2019

Ferrara, 2019

Monza, May 2019

Since then  I have been drawing and sketching in their company, and alone, 
all around Florence, Rome,
Tuscany, Sardinia and Italy, Spain, Greece and Finland.

I still use mostly watercolors, but I have discovered, or returned to, other mediums as well.
Above are some of my latest watercolor sketches.

Hope to see you soon and sketch or paint together!

Roses and berries in watercolor

Rose e bacche, 2016. 38x56 cm Fabriano Artstico 300 gsm - pigments W&N, St Petrsburg

I wish you a sunny August with this painting from last year.

When I'm teaching watercolor classes I certainly put the emphasis on a painterly style
and also in my own paintings I want to keep it loose.

Flowers are one my all time favourite subjects!
According to the season I can find a lot of inspiration in my garden or in the nature.
If there's not enough I'll combine bought flowers to what I find for free....
Here I was trying out my 3 new St Petersburg colors: yellow, red and turquoise green
that together mix into a cool purple grey shade.

The best thing is that when the flowers are gone - the painting stays and reminds you of the beauty!

Painting more bikers in Chianti

Ciclisti - 56x76 cm  watercolor on paper 300gsm

Another version of the bikers in Chianti. 

It's a full sheet painting and I've used black color for a more modern and graphic look. 

HERE  is a link to previous paintings and if you'd like to read more about what inspired me originally click here

And I'd love to know which one you prefer!?

At Lamole di Lamole 2017

Bikers in Chianti - original Watercolor

Ciclisti 38x56cm watercolor on paper 300gsm 

 Artistically there's a lot going on this year. 
While I'm continuing to teach watercolor lessons,
(I've met so many lovely persons!)
 I've also managed to take much more time for my own painting and drawing. 
I'm absolutely enjoying the outdoor painting sessions together with other artists
painting in and around Florence and Tuscany.  
Just now we are having a break because of the summer heat, 
but I'm continuing with the life drawing, since it's in the indoor studio.

There has been a big Art Show in Fabriano, Italy, and other smaller ones - some still upcoming.
I'm not posting much of my work as I feel that I'm in a limbo.
I'm experimenting a lot. 
I know the direction, but I'm not sure about the destination.

Just like these bikers above - one of the subjects I'm exploring at the moment.
(you can see earlier ones here and here)
I enjoy the trip, even if sometimes I struggle and hope to reach 
some kind of a pit stop soon! 

I'm surely evolving, hopefully improving - 
what do you think?! 

Fabriano In Acquerello 2017

I'm very grateful and proud that my watercolor painting 'Cerchio Magico' was selected 
to the international watercolor exhibition
 in Fabriano, Italy this year.
The exhibition is opening on Thursday April 20th, 2017
and is part of a larger happening (link) gathering 100 Italian watercolor Artists representing our country,  
and totally more than 700 artworks by as many artists from the whole world!

Cerchio magico, 2016- watercolor 38x56 cm
During the following days there will be demonstrations, workshops and events - 
and many many watercolor artists sharing their passion - 
in the small town of Fabriano in Central Italy.
Here is the facebook page where you can read more.
I look forward to this experience - meeting some of my favourite artists, sharing with friends,
painting together and learning more every day!