Bikers in Chianti - original Watercolor

Ciclisti 38x56cm watercolor on paper 300gsm 

 Artistically there's a lot going on this year. 
While I'm continuing to teach watercolor lessons,
(I've met so many lovely persons!)
 I've also managed to take much more time for my own painting and drawing. 
I'm absolutely enjoying the outdoor painting sessions together with other artists
painting in and around Florence and Tuscany.  
Just now we are having a break because of the summer heat, 
but I'm continuing with the life drawing, since it's in the indoor studio.

There has been a big Art Show in Fabriano, Italy, and other smaller ones - some still upcoming.
I'm not posting much of my work as I feel that I'm in a limbo.
I'm experimenting a lot. 
I know the direction, but I'm not sure about the destination.

Just like these bikers above - one of the subjects I'm exploring at the moment.
(you can see earlier ones here and here)
I enjoy the trip, even if sometimes I struggle and hope to reach 
some kind of a pit stop soon! 

I'm surely evolving, hopefully improving - 
what do you think?! 

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