Painting challenge!

It's time to show my ltest participation in the painting challenge by paintanddrawtogether.blogspot :
 the entrance to Ottawa Parliament Building (click on the link for the reference picture).
This time I was quite happy with the colors (that I deliberately exagerated a little!), the light and the layers - but Oh! again: how hard isn't it to get a decent photo of your painting!?

A detail.

As so often, even now I did a few attempts!

Watercolor landscape workshop!

I had a lovely weekend recently, painting in good company and experimenting new technics,   participating at a workshop by the Swedish artist Björn Bernström. It was very inspiring and liberating with new approaches, and especially fun to look for special effects - like 'cauliflowers' - that traditionally are considered errors!

Here, as in the first picture, we were using burnt umber creating staining effects...

A more traditional painting, or actually two in one!! 
Exploring wet-in-wet and new colors, more than aiming for finished paintings.

                                                          They look better separated! 
                                       Here the transparent and delicate colors show a little better...