Sketchbook Tuesday - inspiration!

I had these beautiful roses and flowers and a scented candle on my table... The composition was so inspiring that I grabbed the colors...and painted it right away, first thing in the morning, just a few days ago... Due to the early hours, the colors of photo didn't come out very well, but you get the idea!

Flowers in a vase - on a very special day!

This is a very loose flowerpainting that I painted out of my head enjoying the process a lot. Who cares if I forgot the water in the vase?! I use combinations of colors and shadow and light  that pleases me - and am very happy if  I manage to transmit some emotions with my paintings!

White Orchid in a pot

I love all plants and flowers - as well as cut flowers and flowers in pots! I really enjoy the flowers in my garden but don't very often have time to paint when the light is best - but with a plant in a pot I can paint where and when I want!


Sometimes I sketch every day, sometimes I get lost for longer times, but never stop completely. I find sketcing very freely is the best way to be inspired! Even if watercolors are my favourite I also try different media. Let's see if  I can keep up showing a page from my sketchbook once a week starting from now!

Abstract painting!

 Actually this is a detail of a floral watercolor painting - when I look at my finished paintings there are always some parts that I like more than others - In some cases I would even cut up the painting and reuse or repaint the parts I don't like. Does this happen to you?!

Fields of flowers and Tuscan houses

These are some of my very first watercolor landscapes and they show my search for expressive and spontaneous painting as well as my love for florals!

Pink, orange and yellow flowers!

I never used to like pink as a color, but I have always liked orange. However the last years I'm very much in love with all pinks! You wouldn't guess?

A Tuscan corner

This corner with 'terracotta' vases and a red chair is painted from a photo. Although missing some finishing shadows I decided to leave the pinting this way  - maybe I will do some other versions another time!


THIS IS WHAT MY SKETCHBOOK IS FOR -just playing and experimenting to express the mood of the moment. Usually using only color and water, with no preliminary drawings... this is fun!


Fishes from  my sketchbook - I'm still inspired by the the sea - and hope to have time soon to paint some - not tuscan -seascapes!

Not my painting!

I'm very proud about this painting made by my 14-year-old son. It's a copy of  ''The False Mirror'' by Magritte, and a part of his final work for the secondary school. Unfortunately, like most teenagers, he usually doesn't paint or draw at all in his spare time...if not obliged!

More Italian seascapes and sketching!

Never get tired of the sea! Especially I love the quite moments in the evening, when everybody leaves and I can listen to the waves and enjoy the sweping horizon...
On my holiday I also want to sketch small things - like in this case Indian Figs.