Not only watercolors!

From my sketchbook, mixed media, inspired by the girl filmed in NY while walking along the streets...

(watercolors, pencil, oil pastels and pastels)

This is the link

Negative painting with watercolors - Pomegranate

Now this one I painted a few years ago as a study in negative painting, which is one of the fundamental technichs of watercolor painting. Here I got inspiration from the blog of Brenda Swenson, that I can't find anymore - but if click on her name there is a link to her facebook page.

Today - fresh paint in my sketchbook onTuesday!

I really like to play around with my watercolors and my sketchbook - and this time no flowers!
You can tell it isn't watercolor paper, but it's BIG - 30x36 cm - and it was a present from a dear friend plus I didn't find such a large sketchbook with watercolor paper yet!
BUT - I found this wonderful idea:  make-your-own-watercolor-pad , just click on it!
It's VERY simple, and I'm definitely going to do it!!  
It's a pity I just torn all the extra paper into SMALL pieces, I was planning to do some sketchbooks for gifts...

Still life in Autumn

This still life with pumpkins brings your thought to autumn! See how necessary a few white details are to give some breath to the composition?

Floral sketchbook!

Yes, I love painting flowers, and I do a lot of floral sketches in my sketchbook. 
The sketchbook is ment for inspiration. It lays right there, easy to reach and use even every day, without any further planning or expectations. And even if the paper  - like in this case -isn't very suitable for watercolours, it allows me to test some ideas or new materials -
or just express the mood of the day!

Always sketching flowers!

 I love sketching and painting flowers in any style, and Alisa Burke is always a lot of inspiration for flowers and doodles and whatsoever! Her work and her blog just makes me happy!

Colors in my garden!

I love painting in my garden - also with the plants, 
and I'm getting a lot of inspiration from Annavattenkanna. (click to view her blog in Swedish)
She uses the colours in her small garden like an artist in the artwork.
My photos don't compare with hers, that are really beautiful...
But I get inspiration to try new combos of colors with plants - and even for painting!

Watercolor flowers


This is a floral watercolor that I painted on cardboard - 

Sketching on a book - Tuesday Inspiration!

So I had been planning to do this for so long - but somehow couldn't just tear apart a book and start to paint on the pages... Until I found this book between the others and noticed that it was actually loosing its pages and even the cover was missing...
It is a classic 'serious' book - but I didn't care!

I finally let myself loose - and started painting!
 It was a lot of fun - and it finishd with many sketches on bookpages. 
Here I'm showing just a few, the first ones, since I have a project for the following ones, that I'm planning to show soon...

San Gusmé, Tuscany

Some photos from my day in San Gusmé and surroundings,  in Tuscany, some time ago.

There is endless inspiration for paintings. Since I wasn't able to paint on that occasion, I took many photos and hopefully can show you something further on...

Autumn is coming to Tuscany, too...

...and I want to anticipate some of the beautiful colours of the wines in the autumn. This painting is from quite a few years ago. I painted it from a photo by a wellknown Tuscan photo artist - but I'm not 100% sure about his name and cannot find the original source. I wold be happy to link to him if someone knows his name!