Roses and berries in watercolor

Rose e bacche, 2016. 38x56 cm Fabriano Artstico 300 gsm - pigments W&N, St Petrsburg

I wish you a sunny August with this painting from last year.

When I'm teaching watercolor classes I certainly put the emphasis on a painterly style
and also in my own paintings I want to keep it loose.

Flowers are one my all time favourite subjects!
According to the season I can find a lot of inspiration in my garden or in the nature.
If there's not enough I'll combine bought flowers to what I find for free....
Here I was trying out my 3 new St Petersburg colors: yellow, red and turquoise green
that together mix into a cool purple grey shade.

The best thing is that when the flowers are gone - the painting stays and reminds you of the beauty!

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