Changing the colors for a different atmosphere!!

'A corner of Tuscany - red sky' - 28x38 cm Fabriano artistico 300gsm

If you  saw my previous post about the watercolor workshop when I painted the first version of 
 'A Corner of Tuscany', this is the same house... 
As I was waiting for the first painting to dry, I started a new one.
I usually like to change something when I paint a new version, this time I decided for a red sky.

Obviously I also had to change the other colors.
As you can see the tree is purple,
but for the plants in the pots I decided for a cool green shade, 
because I felt that I needed some contrast to all the warm colors.

It's not easy to show all the shades of color in a photo, 
but if you look at both photos you can see how the atmosphere changed!

I'd love to know what you think, which version do you prefer?!

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