Loose Landscape Painting

A corner of Tuscany - Fattoria Poggiopiano 2016

The last years I have concentrated on loosing up my paintings. 
It has been a lot of work: experimenting, making mistakes...
A lot of fun, 
but also frustrating when you don't achieve satisfying results...

Obviously I started with my favourite subject, florals.
I also aimed to capture the movement of cyclists, in an abstract way (more here).
To get a different approach to landscape painting I attended a one day workshop with  
Italian Watercolor Artist Luciano Boscaini. 


 It is always interesting to see other artists work and I got practical advice and examples that I also love to share to my students.
For example about soft and hard edges , and letting  color  bleed - like you see on the roof (detail above).
This is something I love to use, AND VERY IMPORTANT when you wish to LOOSEN UP your paintings!
But until you see it from real, you don't really get it!
(I'll prepare a tutorial on this, soon)
He's definitely not for beginners, and also the level of the other participating artists was high!

I had a great time, and actually painted 3 paintings,

- I just can't stop painting, so in order not to overwork, I usually start a new one while the first is drying! -

so I'll prepare  more photos soon!

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