Visiting Giardino Corsini

This weekend I  visited the beautiful garden of  Palazzo Corsini al Prato in Florence. During the show Artigianato e Palazzo, many artisans and artist exposed there products and artworks in the garden and in  the three 'limonaia' - the greenhouses for the lemon trees in the winter.
My main interest was the guided tour to the garden by a historian and also learning about the more botanical  and practical aspects by Paolo, the gardener.

In the parterres there were beautiful scented peonies, artichokes, lavender and santolina 
- no close ups, sorry!

But I also enjoyed the beautiful portraits by Magali de Maistre , Sicilian 'cannoli' and much more!
I wasn't planning to show the photos, so I just took a few for my own records, but you can search 
'Palazzo Corsini al Prato' for more photos!

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