Lesson 1: The watercolour paper!

GINESTRA - watercolour 50x70cm

It happened again- once in a while I end up using  random paper( in this case Canson 200grs paper) instead of real watercolor paper. 
The reason usually is because I find it ready to hand, just in the right size - and I just plan to do a fast sketch anyway ;). 
But now, what happens when your sketch didn't turn out that bad, BUT you can't finish it...
Good watercolor paper is GOOD because it can take several layers of color and water. In this painting I feel like it would need some more depth and shadows using wet color - but this paper can't take it -I could draw on it , or paint with a very dry color - but that's not what I want!
On the other hand I don't really want to paint this subject again, even if I often do paint more versions, since I feel quite happy with the way I captured the esssence I was looking for! 
And also the flowers are on the compost now!!
So remember one of the very first lessons - ALWAYS use GOOD watercolor paper!!

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