Spring flowers in watercolors - how to paint

Narcisi dal giardino, 2016 -38x56 cm fabiano 300gsm

Lately I have been concentrating on urban sketching and painting, but I usually love painting florals.
It's easy - they grow in my garden or I keep them on my table.
Earlier I painted realistic, even if not really botanical flowers, 
while I now prefer to simplify and catch the essence.
On the painting above you can notice a clear influence by the paintings of Jean Haines ;), 
only an impression of the flowers!

Floreale, 2016. 38x56 cm

I paint quite big, real size, which means that I often just  can't fit everything into the paper. 
That's one reason why I choose to paint only a part of them; 
the main reason is that I find it more dynamic and expressive as a composition.

This is how I proceed: 
I use a big brush, a lot of water and bright colors. 
Once the first wash is dry I will add darker details, little by little - trying not to overwork - 
this is the hardest part!
Then I leave it to rest, and some hours later, or even the next day I will see if I need to add something.
I some areas are too bright, I will use a glaze, often with a complementary color.

Thank you for reading,
Hope you enjoyed my spring flowers?!


  1. These are really beautiful! I can imagine how impressive they are full size. I like the fused colors and blended edges of the daffodils on the top one. Just enough realism to see the flowers, but leave plenty to imagination

  2. Thank you, Blaga! That's exactly what I aim to do �� , and after seeing it on the photo I realized I needed to smooth down some shapes on the one below as well... Greetings from a sunny Tuscany!