Caffè espresso!

I have been really busy lately, and had a hard time to find time to paint. Luckily I always get so inspired by Lela's blog Paint and Draw Together -link  here ! This time I didn't paint the suggested picture, but was inspired to paint all my different cups of espresso coffee!

This was absolutely fun - first of all, usually I do much larger paintings, (except for my recent small landscapes) while these are small, like the real cups. This means they were very fast  to paint, which was important these days. 

As you see, on some of these sketches I added some details in carbon or pencil. 

I really think I'll work more with this subject, I have some cups with pattern as well...

This was the first sketch, and actually the one I like most, I think it's more fresh and expressive than the others. This happens often, since when I sketch I feel free, while when I start a 'real' painting I maybe try too hard!? Does this happen to you as well?


  1. I love your painting Sabine! And I also enjoyed reading and viewing how you went through all different steps in your painting.

    1. Thank you so much Lela! I hope you got my message!

  2. Exactly the same with me, always difficult to draw after a first sketch. I do like your various cups of coffee, and I'm sure it will give me ideas for my own work. You're Lucky to live in Tuscany, such a nice place. Will be happy to see you in other PADT challenges Marie-Christine L